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About the career edit

Rewriting the rules of your career growth

Why we started

We're The Careers Edit, a team of working professionals that grew tired of the same old networking grind. We set out to create something different—a community where career development is part of your lifestyle. Not a chore.

We're not just rewriting the rules; we're tearing up the whole playbook. Our mission is simple: make career growth accessible, enjoyable, and refreshingly non-traditional.

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Why we're different

We give you the tools to become the author of your career. Regular in person networking events, from rooftops to our summer parties on the Thames. Educational panel events and skills sessions and our wellbeing events partnering some global brands and all of your favourite fitness studios.
Our mission is to make career building part of your lifestyle.

Our venues, partners and speakers are all carefully selected to make sure aren’t taking you back to work after work. As well as sharing amazing experiences, we help connect you with the right people and to think strategically about your career.

Hosting events in

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Meet the team
Oliver Haddock
Kayleigh Leonie
Vice Chair
Theo Dryden
Head of Technology
Anushka Suman
Head of Video Content (TikTok focus)
Phoebe Sennett
Co Editor-In-Chief
Cherry Beagles
Collaboration and Guest Manager
Nicola Forest
Co Editor-In-Chief
Adam Wawrety
Media Producer



We usually have one or two events per month. Often we will have one in person event after work and then either a breakfast or an online event to keep things varied.

Do I need to be a member to attend events?

Because of the demand for spaces, our events are usually for our members. We have hosted one or two virtual events for great cases and will sometimes open spaces up to non-members for these.

Where do you host events?

Our in person events are generally held in London and New York, but we do host regular online skills and educational sessions. We are also looking to host in new locations over the next year, both in the UK and overseas.

Who can attend events

We are intentionally a cross-industry network and strongly believe that having a diverse professional network is key to thriving in your career. Our events are open to ambitious career builders from all industries.